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Inexplicable wonder – the guru tattva

Everybody says you are
A human form. A man.
A friendly person. A learned one.
So simple. So humble.
Always smiling and compassionate.
That you are.

I have found what you are.
And that is totally inexplicable.
It is a wonder beyond words.

A wonder that shines through
Life’s darkening clouds
As well as the glitter and glam.

A wonder that sits within
Still amid turbulence
Blissful amid sorrow.

A wonder that is so effulgent
That mind is pulled back
To witness this brightness
After every thought that goes out.

How can one as lowly as me
Have even a glimpse
Into such wonder?
Its not my effort.
It is only immeasurable grace.
That has poured on me.
I want to stay drenched for ever.