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What a world we have created! – Competition corrupts

I received this through my child’s middle school mailing list.

“Neuqua Valley Cheerleaders will be selling “Beat Waubonsie” t-shirts for the upcoming Neuqua vs. Waubonsie football game.  T-shirts will be on sale on Wednesday, October 15th and Thursday, October 16th during all lunch periods in the Cafeteria.  They can be purchased for $10.00 – cash or checks written out to NVHS will be accepted.”

It is admirable to raise funds for the cheerleaders. But I am surprised at this choice of words for the t-shirt. Does excellence in sport have to come through war cries? Why cannot such a t-shirt just encourage the home team to excel? Wouldn’t a “Go Neuqua!”or  “Neuqua is the best” do?

Seems like a small matter.. but this is how our children slowly get brainwashed into aggression, never able to appreciate others, always putting oneself first. I am guessing such tactics start even much younger.

Competition, the wise say, is always with yourself. The world we have created says differently.