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Bhakthi – the force behind karma yoga also

Leave behind “raaga-dvesha” and become karma yogi, say the shastras. This is a sure path to chittha-shuddhi, which in turn is mandatory for jnAna.

Easy said. Try doing it.

Spouse asks for certain food when it is already tiring day. Kids cry for attention. Office work very often mind-deadening. One feels reluctant to move. On bad days, this “dvesha” for certain activities becomes a burden. This burden results in burst-outs of temper, hatred towards the person causing this, mental stress leading to tamas.

Guru bhakthi is the cure for this too. One sees Guru not only “talking” but “walking the talk”. Swamiji takes class, whether he wishes or not, whether is sick or healthy, whether the audience is big or meagre, whether audience listens or not. Swamiji answers patiently whether people ask wise or silly questions, cleans property whether people do it or not. Endless examples.

Once one opens up to this prabhAva, one cannot but do similarly. I am still feeling the dvesha for certain work. Mind and body still rebels. But along with it is the power of guru bhakthi forcing itself into the confused mind. With its power, mind and body put aside the raga/dvesha and act as should be done.

Point is – the strictly drawn paths of karma, bhakthi and jnana are not possible. The force of bhakthi has to power every mArga.

Guru bhakthi power