How a bangle becomes a benediction

Guru’s grace flows everywhere.
Still, looking everywhere but at Him,
I had clogged its entry into my heart
Through His own grace,
the clog cleared.

As His grace shone, I found
He became my all.
Various verses on guru,
previously only poetic chants
shone as self experience.

I held onto Him tightly
as fears melted and joy arose.
Still, the clogs made their insistent appearance.
As life’s pinpricks took monstrous sizes
And emotions created havoc,
the grace seemed to disappear.

With compassion, Guru gave
A gross reminder for me,
who is still tied to this gross body.
His advice to wear a bangle
seemed not to make sense.
Until I realized,
it is no longer a bangle,
but a benediction.

When the waves throw me around,
The bangle is a life saving rope
That will bring me back safe
To the one true home
To my Guru’s feet.

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