Incomparable beauty – Guru’s actions – #1


I am going to maintain a running list of all the things my Guru says and does – I find each of this not just inspiring but so beautiful – the beauty of something that is unadulterated, filled with love and unmistakably divine.

Guru demonstrating his own guru bhakthi

Swamiji has been recommended quinoa for his diet for some health reasons. We have been including quinoa during his bhiksha for several months.

However, over the summer, when I went to provide bhiksha with quinoa, he declined. I was shocked at this sudden puzzling change. On asking, Swamiji says he was following the instruction from his guru to avoid new-fangled foods. My first reaction was to argue against it and defend quinoa as not being new-fangled and being healthy/diabetes-friendly, etc. However, Swamiji said “Guruji said and that is enough for me”.

I was fuming, but I  chewed on it for several days. The message he was teaching is that it is necessary to completely surrender to the guru. One cannot pick and choose what one will follow and what one won’t. Disagreeing with even one of the messages with our intellectual powers will only undermine shraddha and hence, disturb sadhana.

In retrospect, I thought, how does it matter what it is right or wrong in these non-spiritual matters? What matters is the fact that Guru completely banishes one’s ego that one lets go of the intellectual rights and wrongs.

Swami Gnananadha says “A true disciple has no sadhana to perform. He has only to surrender himself completely to his guru”. Our swamiji demonstrated this in such a simple manner, but it has left such a powerful expression in me. I feel the complete surrender and can only pray to Swamiji to keep me surrendered. Alan Jacobs-ji calls this “the jaw of the Guru-tiger” from which there can be no escape”. I will be blessed to be caught permanently in the jaws of my Guru-tiger!!









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