Birth of Guru bhakthi – A miracle


This is the journey of how Guru bhakthi found me (not vice versa, since I never went looking for it and in fact, even resisted it!)

A miracle
That still dazes me.

Prose feels inadequate, poetry slightly better
To inscribe my journey to the guru’s feet.
A journey that involved no effort
A journey like that of a flimsy piece of metal
Drawn to the majestic magnet.

Skeptical I was when people mouthed venerations
To their gurus, masters and gods.
I doubted that I would ever feel so –
I, who reveled in the power of my intellect.

Guru breaks those doubting walls
And enters your conscience.
Before one can fathom the change,
Love and devotion take a stronghold.

Love as no other love on earth,
Devotion as for nothing else.

Guru intrudes into every thought
Purifies it before it morphs into action,
Smooths away worries; creates bliss.

Every action of Guru
Even His very existence
Is a lesson, an inspiration,
Verily a spiritual doctrine.

Love from the Guru of the kind
That makes one want to rise up
To make one deserving.
Love of the kind
That provides solace,
And strength to stride through life.

A miracle indeed.


Prose is definitely inadequate for certain topics such as guru bhakthi and guru mahima – which explains why saints like Adi Shankaracharya chose the poetic form to wax on the glories of Guru. (Guru padhuka sthothram, Guru ashtakam, Guru sthothram).


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